Zdjęcie mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Training and equipment


Micropigmentation of the skin using the Mikro Hair method is carried out using specially designed pigments. Neither tattoo paints nor permanent make-up dyes are suitable for this type of procedure. Tattoo ink is too dark and heals in the skin as dark blue, makeup pigments are too concentrated and their formula doesn’t produce the necessary microscopic dot (instead they migrate in the oily skin on the scalp).

Another important factor is that the device is equipped with different thickness of needles (the thinnest of which is only 0.12mm in diameter).

The most important thing, however, is the appropriate methodology of the procedure. Mikro Hair is the safest method of micropigmentation of the scalp. Correct technique combined with special pigments allows full control of the effects of the treatment. Pigments do not change colour in the skin and over time 100% of them disappear.

Micropigmentation requires extraordinary precision of hands as well as devices. Therefore, we believe that the most important investment should be the training, which will suitably prepare students for scalp pigmentation. In addition to this, the highest quality equipment will be used to ensure that the treatment is performed at the optimum level.

Although we are a company that focuses very heavily on training, you are not required to purchase our device. However, we would like to point out that not all devices are suitable for proper micropigmentation.

We tend to favour German quality and precision based on a single acupuncture needle. Single needle work is the least damaging to the skin and gives you the best results in the shortest possible time. The devices also work in a cartridge system.

What really sets our device apart from the rest is its ability to accommodate different thickness of the 1R needle depending on the type of skin on which the micropigmentation is performed. For scars and stubble pigmentation we use the thinnest needles, for the soft skin on the head slightly thicker needles, and for the front line where the skin is thinnest the slightly thinner needles are required.

The device also allows the therapist to apply advanced techniques of pigmentation of the stubble and reconstruction of the lash line and eyebrows in men. It is ideal for skin needling technology, which reduces scarring after skin grafting.

We offer devices specifically designed for the Mikro Hair brand (which are aimed at the most high profile practices) as well as a high quality Q Switch Laser which can remove previously unsuccessful or unsatisfactory scalp micropigmentation treatments.




Invest in development and gain new qualifications to pursue a rewarding career with a high profit margin. We invite you to train in scalp micropigmentation with guaranteed professionalism, natural effects and a unique teaching method. The training is aimed at:

  • linergists
  • hairdressers
  • beauticians
  • dermatologists
  • trichologists
  • anyone looking to pursue a career in scalp micropigmentation



We are a clinic with many years of experience, having performed thousands of treatments. Our customers come back to us regularly for top up treatments, so we are well aware of how pigmentation behaves over time.

We strongly believe that scalp micropigmentation services will be the most dynamically developing field in the beauty industry.


  • Quick return on investment
  • A huge market of potential customers
  • A new treatment in the market
  • Be one of the first to offer the service