Zdjęcie mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Androgen hair loss and MH

The Micro Hair Method -   micropigmentation of the scalp gives the possibility of covering any head surface and adjusting the pigmentation color exactly in tones to natural hair shade. The rule is that natural hair must be shaved daily to zero -   then the pigment shade can be selected optimally. Men with strong hair will have stronger, more intense pigmentation, and men with delicate hair will have bright light pigmentation. Micropigmentation of the scalp is possible with any hair color: red, blond, gray, etc.

In the case of androgenic alopecia, the usually pigmented areas include:

  • forehead bends
  • vertex,
  • whole head

During the treatment the frontal hairline is reconstructed. We try to optimally adapt it to the expectations of Customers, but also to the facial features or shape of the head and work at it extremely gently to avoid the effect of a pot on the head. The front line is supposed to look fuzzy, gently torn, because only then it does not attract too much attention and looks natural. The shape of the line is agreed in detail with the Customer before the procedure. It may be rounded or triangular, lowered or raised with slight bends. At the Customer`s request we can even get the effect of light scars on the head to make the result look more real. In case of pigmentation of the bends or the top of the head we work with pigment so that the line connecting the pigmented area with the natural hair was invisible; that is why in practice we enter the area of natural hair and gradual thinning of pigmentation.