trwałość mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

MH Stability

After the treatment with a special pigment, the stability of the is different and really hard to predict accurately. It last from 2 up to 4 years and depends on the individual skin reaction to pigmentation and its ability to keep dye in the epidermis. If we want to maintain the effect of the treatment permanently, the refreshing treatment should be done every 2 years. After about two years, the hairstyle is still visible, but you can get the impression that the process of balding begins to slowly progress as the pigment gradually fades.

There are several factors that affect how long a pigment stays in the skin. The most important ones include:

  • age,
  • time of the epidermis regeneration,
  • skin type (thick, thin, seborrheic, dry)
  • exposure to sunlight or solarium,
  • medicines taken, use of steroid ointments,

This is the safest method because it allows for full control over the quality of the pigment in  skin. It does not change color and after some time disappears which, at first glance, seems a flaw, but actually is an advantage - Note that the balding scalp tends to continue to get bald and every now and then it is necessary to perform the procedures of adding pigment to another balding spots - considering that every pigment becomes lighter with time, it would be difficult to get the same pigmentation effect for each successive treatment. In addition, the scalp changes its structure with age, the hairline falls down and corrections of the hairstyle "shape" are indicated. That is why the use of pigment that has the ability to completely fade with time and placing it in the epidermis, and not in the skin as it is in the classic tattoo case, is the most cautious and rational choice. The possibility to re-evaluate your choice every year, two years - because the refreshing treatments are performed with this frequency - makes the Micro Hair method ideal for all those who do not want to risk losing a good look in the future. Also, for people with tendencies to gray hair (white hair), or for further hair loss or even hair thinning, this temporary solution is the most appropriate.