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About us

Our mission is to help men who are struggling everyday with the problems related to alopecia. With our natural Micro Hair method -   the micro hair we offer an effective solution that allows for normal functioning without the need for invasive treatments and difficult to predict regarding effects.

Micro Hair brand was created by the company Naturalny Permanentny specializing in broadly understood aesthetic micropigmentation (pigmentation of eyebrows, eyelids, mouth), medical (reconstruction of nipples after mastectomy, hare lip, lash line and eyebrows after oncological diseases) and camouflage (reduction of scars, stretch marks, discoloration, hematomas, hemangiomas, etc.). Our mission is to make natural micropigmentations that enhance or complement or correct the aesthetic qualities of beauty. We applied our philosophy of performing natural micropigmentation to the micropigmentation of the scalp.  

Because we are well aware of the problem of hair loss, both in aesthetic and psychological aspects as well we created a brand of Micro Hair and we can offer the highest quality solutions thanks to which the men who are struggling with the problem of balding can significantly change their look and improve their mood.  

We keep track of and we explore new world trends and choose the best. Every day we try to improve our methods and enrich our offer. The solutions we offer are recognized worldwide, which is confirmed by the constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

We are constantly developing our business proposing innovative solutions for men in the scope of micropigmentation: reconstruction of the arch of the eyebrows, thickening of the lash line, camouflage of scars, discolorations, etc. The micro-needle therapy procedures and Skin Needling to regenerate the scalp and stimulate hair growth are novelty. We kindly invite you to consultations, where you will be able to discuss in detail the specific solutions tailored to the needs of our Customers.

We invite everyone who wants to cooperate with us in the development of scalp micropigmentation. We invite you for training and cooperation in the distribution of our equipment and products.