Mikropigmentacjia skóry głowy

Alopecia areata and MH

Alopecia areata is characterized by the formation of transient or permanent hairless spots (commonly known as patches - hence the name alopecia areata). This concerns about 1-3% of patients.

Our answer to this kind of baldness can be the Micro Hair method which allows to effectively hide the affected areas on the head as well as on the face by reconstructing the lash line or arch of the eyebrow by imitating the natural hair.

When it comes to the scalp pigmentation, there are two possibilities - if the affected areas are not large we can remain at any hair length and pigment only the hairless spots - optical darkening makes them less visible. We can also perform pigmentation in a shaved head technique along with spot coverage. In spite of appearances the treatment is not used by men only. Our Customers are often women wearing a wig every day, but when they come home they want to take it off after the whole day and feel comfortable. The effect of the shaven head beautifully emphasizes the features of the face, adds courage and self-confidence. The face becomes more expressive, takes the outline.