Zdjęcie mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Scalp Micropigmentation Mikro Hair

The Micro Hair treatment was developed both as:

•   a cosmetic procedure for women and men suffering from all kinds of hair loss (androgenic, alopecia areata, scarring, etc.)

•   a medical procedure helping to hide scars, burns and birthmarks.

This is an innovative method of concealing baldness through creating a perfect imitation of shaven head or the optical densification of natural longer hair.  

We use top quality pigments specially developed for scalp micropigmentation treatment, carefully selected so there is no way to see the difference between naturally growing hair, and the imitation of hair created by us. The pigment is applied to the top layer of the scalp where it lasts from two to four years. In order to maintain the effect of micro hair it is necessary to refresh the treatment every 2 years on the average.

The final effect is very realistic and resembles natural hair. The method also allows for optical thickening of rare hair and covers various types of scars, linear scars, for example after a failed transplant or head injury. It can be used on almost any form of baldness, in men as well as in women.

To obtain the perfect shaven head effect we perform a highly specialized treatment using a dedicated device. Its parameters have been specially adapted to the pigmentation of delicate head skin; we also ordered the production of special needles, definitely thinner than those used in classic permanent make-up or tattoo. We want to point out that we do not use the so called roller; instead we only do single precise micro punctures. This gives the best visual effect and is completely safe. Only such precise pigmentation ensures complete control over the quality of treatment and allows for total control over the pigment until 100% of its fading. It does not change color and after a while, it disappears, which at first glance seems a flaw, but actually is an advantage. Note that the balding scalp tends to continue to get bald and every now and then it is necessary to perform the procedures of adding pigment to another balding spots - considering that every pigment becomes lighter with time, it would be difficult to get the same pigmentation effect for each successive treatment. In addition, the scalp changes its structure with age, the hairline falls down and corrections of the hairstyle "shape" are indicated.

Use of pigment that has the ability to completely fade with time and placing it in the epidermis, and not in the skin as it is in the classic tattoo case, is the most cautious and rational choice. The possibility to re-evaluate your choice every year, two years - because the refreshing treatments are performed with this frequency -   makes the Micro Hair method ideal for all those who do not want to risk losing a good look in the future. Also, for people with tendencies to gray hair (white hair), or for further hair loss or even hair thinning, this temporary solution is the most appropriate.

Main areas of application of the Micro Hair method:

•        scars after transplant /   hair transplant,

•        scars on the scalp caused by mechanical injuries such as: cuts, burns, accidents,

•        alopecia areata,

•        androgenic alopecia,

•        general hair thinning.

Why should a permanent tattoo should not be made on the head?

The approach to the scalp tattooing or application of pigment into deep layers of the dermis should be very careful. This prevents the pigment from escaping from the skin at any time. In the temporary solution the pigment spontaneously fades out and exfoliates with the natural regeneration process of the epidermis. In case of tattoo the pigment molecule is closed in skin once and for all but this does not mean that it will not change its structure and no change in color will occur towards the unwanted blue sub-tones. Such a lasting solution   -   that is, making the tattoo on the head seems attractive, promising to solve the problem forever, but in reality it carries more dangers than benefits.

Permanent make-up pigments are absolutely inadvisable because of their structure. They are unstable under sunlight and placed in the dermis will always change their color in the future. Their consistency makes them spill in the skin in the form of unaesthetic color spots. So the choice is risky.

In summary, neither tattoo dyes nor permanent make-up dyes are suitable for this procedure. That's why we developed special dyes for the scalp micropigmentation.

However, after the Micro Hair treatment and for the duration of its life, it is recommended to use appropriate sunscreen and avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, sun and tanning lamps.