Preparation to MH

The effect of shaven head

The head should be shaved "to zero" before the treatment. You can use a disposable razor or a beard shaver (e.g. Brown Series). After the treatment, it is recommended to shave the head every day to make the pigment look as natural as possible and adjust to the natural density of the hair. If the hair is too long, the pigmented area is too bright and begins to distinguish itself from the hairy head surface. The maximum length of the hair is 0.5mm, unless much natural hair is left in the place of pigmentation - then the effect of natural thickening is obtained and the hair can be shaved every few days. The treatment always consists of   2, sometimes 3 sessions, performed at 4 weekly intervals, which is related to the natural regeneration process of the epidermis that lasts about 28 days in the organism. A delicate effect is achieved already after the first session.

Hair thickening

The effect is similar to the application of Nanogen and Toppik preparations. The pigment is much more dense than in the case of pigmentation of shaved scalp creating a kind of shadow covering the pale skin. The effect is satisfactory if the Customers have to thicken the rare hair, but there is still plenty of it. It is impossible to obtain, for example, thickening of the entire bald head crown in a man, because the effect will not be natural. Thickening looks good only if it is hidden under natural hair. The treatment usually consists of   3 sessions, performed at 4 weekly intervals, which is related to the natural regeneration process of the epidermis that lasts about 28 days in the organism.


Regarding covering scars with pigmentation, treatment can be done only when 100% of them are healed. Pigmentation of scars usually requires 3 session. Scars are a very specific surface that is harder to take a pigment and work on it is different than on healthy skin. Depending on Customer expectations, hair can be shaved - then we pigment the scars exactly as in case of pigmentation of the shaved scalp or leave the hair longer, then mask the scar densely in order to camouflage, drawing imitation of longer hair in it.

The skin before each Micro Hair treatment should not be freshly tanned, the Customer should not take steroids, retinoids or anticoagulants -  e.g. heparin, aspirin, pyralgine. The scalp should be in good condition in dermatological terms - eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis constitutes contraindications to the procedure.

Consultation and trial test

Before the procedure, we invite to an individual consultation, where we will answer all questions. We are able to sketch the shape of a new hairstyle in such a way that the Customer can assess whether or not the image change suits him. We can also perform the allergic test during which an attempt is made of Micro Hair treatment on a small area of the skin. This solution is recommended only in case of persons suffering from allergy. Allergy to dye does not generally occur, which does not mean that it can be ruled out in 100%. During the consultation it is possible to get answers to all the questions related to the method and view our portfolio.

First session

Before the first treatment   we determine together with the Customer what should be density, shade and hairline. It may be more or less visible. We can perform the so-called jagged hairline, which is irregular, more frayed hairline; on special request we make more expressive lines. Together we choose the best option, keeping in mind the Customer's preferences so that the effect is as natural as possible.  We work gradually and safely, beginning with the most delicate effect, according to the principle that you can always add. During the first session it is possible to leave a bit deeper bends, so that image change is not too aggressive. During subsequent sessions we can lower the line and darken all hairstyles. This way allows to enter the social environment very gently without unnecessary questions about our new hairstyle. Delicate pigmentations are not in principle noticeable, and this is the most frequent expectation of our Customers.