zalety mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Advantages of MH

The Micro Hair does not produce any undesirable effect on the scalp. 

Properly performed Micro Hair treatment does not harm the growing hair in any way but on the contrary, through simultaneous micro-needle therapy during treatment often causes stimulation and new hair growth. This is because micro punctures cause a better blood supply to the scalp. We use a similar technique in   Skin Needling Therapy with such difference is that along with the puncture a vitamin preparation and not pigment is given.

The Micro Hair does not exclude hair transplant in the future in any way. It is a perfect complementary solution after the transplant -   it masks scars and thickens the hair.

An additional advantage is the immediate effect, in the principle of lack of time needed for convalescence -   the skin is reddened for only a few hours just after the procedure.  

The Micro Hair is the ideal solution for athletes.

It is also an extremely attractive financial alternative in relation to other commercially available forms of solving balding problems.