Zdjęcie mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Scars and MH

Surgical procedures, cuts ending with suturing of wounds -   e.g. after car accidents, removal of a piece of scalp for hair transplant, burns - these are the events that leave a mark for life in the form of scars on the head.  

Scars are exceptionally wide and   complex subject. Treatment of most scars is very complicated. Generally, two problems occur and overlap in scars: scar structure (tissue) and scar color.

It is impossible to eliminate the problem of scar within a month, it is necessary to expect a long-term treatment.  

Generally a scar forms as a result of irregularities in healing the wound. Scar tissue is a tissue with wrong structure or color. There are several types of collagen in the skin and in specific proportions. These proportions are usually disturbed in the scar.

The Micro Hair technique - micropigmentation of the scalp perfectly covers any type of scars and fills them by adjusting their hue to the shade of natural hair. You can pigment scars with longer hair - then its optical darkening causes that it is not so conspicuous with its white spots, and with shaved hair as well - then it is possible to "lose" it almost perfectly. Almost perfectly, because we fight not only with color, but also with the structure of the scar - if it is convex or concave or uneven - it is hard to speak about its ideal masking.

Most often men with scars after unsuccessful hair transplants come to us. During the transplant a skin segment is taken from the back of the head, which leads to the formation of a long scar along the entire width of the head. Hair becomes thinner and thinner with time and men choose to cut them short, even shave their heads, which makes the scar so far hidden by longer hair very visible. Micro Hair is the ideal solution to the problem - it allows to mask the scar and, if this is the Customer`s wish, to cover the entire remaining area of ​​the head without hair with delicate pigmentation or simply thicken the hair after transplantation. Another method of hair collection for transplant is FUE technique -hundreds of tiny micro scars appear then at the back of the head, because every hair is cut out separately with the surrounding skin. With long hair, the scars are not visible, but when the Customer shaves his head, it does not look aesthetically.

Equally often we pigment accident scars, burn scars or just scars from childhood resulting from various types of injuries.

The Micro Hair Treatment can be performed at the moment when healing process of the scar has ended completely - when the scar becomes white. The structure of the scar has the immense impact on the quality of pigmentation - the more flat it is, the more natural effect we can obtain. That is why it is so important to take care of the scar in the the process of its healing. The additional treatment we offer to our customers is Skin Needling therapy relaxing and reducing scars and affecting their color. In the case of fresh scars we use a combined technique - first, we help to heal the skin properly, and then mask the scar with micropigmentation of the scalp. In special cases, where the scar leads to a severe deformation of the surrounding skin, we fill it with hyaluronic acid.