zastosowanie Mikro Hair


Many women have problems with very thin hair. Unfortunately, genes decide about the look of our hair. Also external factors, such as stress, bad diet or too aggressive stylization – for example, perm or hair elongation - influence their thickness. Hormonal disorders and administered drugs are also important factors. Hair transplant is a very costly solution and involves taking hair from the head, which leads to formation of unaesthetic scars. Skin darkening preparations are inconvenient to use and must be applied regularly; physical exercise is not recommended because they are washed off with perspiration, not to mention the rain or visits to beauty parlors when we leave dark marks in the armchair. Vitamin preparations and rubs are not effective. Mikro Hair method is also a solution for women. It allows for optical thickening of long or half-long hair. Pale skin becomes darker and does not show through thin hair. We achieve the effect of delicate shade on the skin, ideally matching hair color. It is close to the effect of masking head skin with micro-fibers, only here the effects remain on the skin for a minimum of one and half years and does not exclude us from active life. A dense, darker pigmentation is made in women, however, like in case of skin pigmentation in men, it is always a temporary pigmentation – the dye peels off with epidermis within 1.5-2 year, which makes possible a full control over the pigment color – there is no possibility of change towards the undesired red, violet or blue shades. How to prepare for the procedure? The only thing you have to do before the procedure is washing the hair. The skin is disinfected during the procedure, and the dye is applied part after part. The procedure is usually longer than in case of pigmentation of hairless head, because here the additional time is devoted to cleaning of the procedure area - the head and hair – so the Client looks good afterwards. Does the procedure influence the hair? The hair is left untouched. There is no possibility to damage hair bulbs – to the contrary, the procedure is a kind of micro-needle therapy for head skin and in some cases stimulates growth of new hair. Which areas can be subject to procedure? Any problematic ones –  as in case of hair loss in men, we can pigment a receding hair line, crown or even the whole head surface.